What children say

What KS2 children say

“We didn’t just watch a play – we were part of the action whether we were chosen to act a part or were the sound effects…. the actors brought the play alive for me”
Uchechi, year 6 pupil, London

“The plot was really crafty and cunning. I experienced a roller coaster of emotions. I was pulled in straight away and there were so many twists that kept me guessing.”
Anaiah, year 6 pupil, London

“I really enjoyed being able to be part of the performance”
Charlie, year 5 pupil, Bristol

“The emotions I felt were amazing from joy, laughter, horror, shock and grief”
Glennis, year 6 pupil”, London

“I would recommend this to everyone. My favourite part was the fencing match at the end but I loved it all really”
Joseph, year 6 pupil, London

“I thought it was really good that us children were involved”
Lewis, year 5 pupil, Hertfordshire

“All of it was perfect”
Ed, year 4 pupil, London

“That were wicked”
Year 6 pupil, Sheffield

“In ordinary plays you have to watch and just sit there, but here there was a mass of action”
Jonathan, year 5, Essex

“I like the way you don’t rush the story – we had time to think about what was happening”
Michael, year 5, Essex

“They could have improved nothing; it was perfect!”
Year 6 pupil Bradford