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Active Storytelling Workshops – Summer 2021










For Summer Term 2021 we are delighted to be offering a programme of Active Storytelling workshops. Devised for one class of children at a time to take part, all activities have been adapted to make sure that our workshop are socially distanced

Workshops are available on “Macbeth”, “Hamlet”, “Romeo and Juliet” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

A Young Shakespeare Company workshop leader visits your school to lead a drama workshop exploring the story, language and characters of the play. During the 90 minute workshop children become actively and imaginatively involved, playing the characters and creating the imaginary world of the play through storytelling, prediction, improvisation and exploration of small sections of Shakespeare’s language. No prior knowledge of the play is required from teachers or pupils. Children are quickly hooked by their involvement in the story, discovering the play as it unfolds around them. We provide you with follow-up ideas for after our visit.

An Active Storytelling workshop is designed for one class of children to take part at a time.

Prices start from £200 + vat per workshop.

We also offer Residencies and INSET sessions.

The Young Shakespeare Company offers tailor-made week long residencies for primary schools. Children have the unique opportunity of spending a week working towards putting on their own performance of a Shakespeare play.  Our actors lead the children in workshop, devising and rehearsal sessions around a chosen play, gradually building towards a presentation for parents and the school community which celebrates the work the children have achieved. We work alongside children and their teachers to create an unforgettable and all-involving experience.

Residencies can be devised around a variety of different plays. Please contact the Young Shakespeare Company for options, availability and costs.

The Young Shakespeare Company offers whole day, half day and twilight INSET programmes on Active Approaches to Shakespeare for primary school children led by Artistic Director Sarah Gordon (M.Ed). Sarah is the author of ‘Active Approaches To Primary School Shakespeare” (1989) and has pioneered her working methods for 25 years. She has lectured on the subject at Cambridge University and has led INSET sessions for the National Theatre, the English Shakespeare Company and for inspectors and advisers throughout the UK.

Please contact the Young Shakespeare Company for options, availability and costs.